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Target group
The Amasus Investment AG website is not intended for individuals who – due to their nationality, place of residence or for any other reason – are subject to legislation that prohibits them from visiting the Amasus Investment AG website. For such individuals, access to the Amasus Investment AG website is not permitted. Every user is personally responsible for ensuring that he/she is aware of and complies with the restrictions applying to him/her before browsing up this website

No offer
The information and opinions published on the Amasus Investment AG website represent neither an invitation nor offer to purchase and/or sell securities or other investment instruments nor an invitation or offer to carry out any other transactions. They are intended for information purposes only. The information and opinions provided on the Amasus Investment AG website are not intended as recommendations or help in decision-making with regard to your investments and other decisions and can in no way be construed as being of any advisory nature whatsoever. For advice concerning relevant decisions, please contact a qualified expert at Amasus Investment AG.

Investment funds
Individuals whose place of residence is in a country where the local legislation prohibits the publication of or access to information concerning Amasus Investment products or funds are not permitted to access the respective information!

Exemption from liability
Amasus Investment AG makes every reasonable effort to ensure the topicality, accuracy, truthfulness and completeness of the information presented at the time of publication on the Amasus Investment AG website. It nevertheless provides no guarantee concerning the information, content, services, offers or products published either by itself of by third parties.

Amasus Investment AG accepts no liability for any direct or indirect damage or consequential losses which might be incurred by users or third parties in relation to use of the Amasus Investment AG website.

Amasus Investment AG furthermore provides no guarantee that the functions on the Amasus Investment AG website will be uninterrupted, faultless or free of harmful elements (viruses, etc.) and accepts no liability if this is not the case. Amasus Investment AG has the right to modify the data, information etc. published on the Amasus Investment AG website at any time and without prior notice.

Performance (risk advisory)
The value of the capital invested and/or the price of securities and the resulting earnings and dividend payments are subject to fluctuations or may even lapse entirely. A positive performance (growth) in the past is therefore no guarantee of a positive performance in the future. More precisely, we cannot guarantee that the capital invested will be preserved; there is no guarantee that the value of the capital invested or the securities held will correspond to the original capital in the event of sale or redemption. Investments in foreign currencies are also subject to fluctuations in the exchange rate and/or foreign exchange risks, i.e. the performance of this type of investment also depends on the volatility of the foreign currency, which may have a negative effect on the value of the invested capital. In the case of investment funds, the risk/reward potential is furthermore linked to the investment policy and investment focus of the individual investment funds. Neither Amasus Investment AG nor its contractual partners accept any liability for any losses which might be incurred.

By activating a link, you may leave the Amasus Investment AG website. Amasus Investment AG has not verified the websites of third parties linked to its own website and is in no way responsible for their content, and in particular the offers, information and opinions contained therein.

Any party who inserts a link to the Amasus Investment AG website on a foreign website must always obtain prior authorisation from Amasus Investment AG.

Data transmission
When you visit the Amasus Investment AG website, your data will be conveyed via a public network open to everyone. The data can therefore be transferred across national borders, even if both you and Amasus Investment AG are located in Switzerland. This carries the following specific risks: the data can be intercepted and seen by third parties. Furthermore, you should be aware that the information which you send to and/or receive from Amasus Investment AG by any electronic media, in particular e-mail, SMS etc. is not generally encrypted. Even if the communication is encrypted, the sender and receiver remain unencrypted. Moreover, Amasus Investment AG expressly draws your attention to the danger of viruses and the possibility of targeted hacker attacks. In order to combat viruses, it is advisable to use the latest browser versions as well as installing constantly updated antivirus software. In general, you should avoid opening e-mails from an unknown source or unexpected e-mail attachments.

Personal data protection
Amasus Investment AG collects no personal details whatsoever via this website, unless you provide Amasus Investment AG with information by means of a form or some other explicit means. In these cases, Amasus Investment AG can use your personal information to market the products and services which Amasus Investment AG believes could be of interest to you.

With regard to the tax regime in the fiscal domicile of the investor concerning the possession, purchase or sale of shares, fund shares and other investment products and the related impacts on taxation, please contact your tax adviser.

Law and court of jurisdiction
If the use of the Amasus Investment AG website should lead to a legal relationship between the user and Amasus Investment AG, this relationship shall be governed by Swiss law. The sole court of jurisdiction is in Zurich / Switzerland.